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NRS DOOH MEDIA works with advertisers and agencies to get their message to the independent retail community, through digital-out-of-home advertising on the merchant and customer facing screens of National Retail Solutions’ revolutionary point of sale system.

NRS, a subsidiary of IDT Corporation, was founded to leverage relationships with CPG manufacturers and suppliers, customers and merchants. NRS operates a point-of-sale (POS) terminal-based platform for independent retailers and bodega owners nationwide. The platform provides a robust portfolio of tools to help these retailers compete more effectively; including loyalty rewards programs, consumer coupons, wholesaler discounts, and seamless integration with Boss Revolution® communication and payment service products.  Consumer packaged goods (CPG) suppliers are able to leverage the NRS platform to provision promotions, coupons and special offers to independent retailers and their predominantly urban, ethnically focused customer bases nationwide. NRS is a subsidiary of IDT Corporation (NYSE: IDT).

Thousands of independent convenience stores nationwide are already enjoy the benefits of NRS’ POS terminal platform. The platform, featuring large 15 inch dual-facing HD screens, helps stores to attract new customers and increase sales with special offers, discounts and coupons on popular brands and ethnic specialty products. Promotions are targeted to the stores’ existing customers and the 3 million+ members of NRS’ popular BR Club rewards program. The POS terminals also provide merchants with easy-to-use tools to control costs, optimize inventory, and process transactions efficiently. The National Retail Solutions point of sale system seamlessly integrates with NRS Pay as well as outside credit card processing services.

With NRS’ unique advertising offer, which is unlike that of any other company, advertisers can reach a captive audience in the growing independent retail market. The NRS POS allows advertisers to reach a broad demographic of all ages and cultures, including but not limited to the Hispanic, Asian, African-American and global multicultural markets. With millions of nationwide consumer impressions a day, our POS displays build B2C and B2B branding awareness, boost retail sales and increase customer loyalty.